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Media Relations

Parker has spent over a decade building relationships to journalists all over the country. He now uses his contacts to raise awareness about clients, and can cultivate your reputation with writers as well as industry insiders. His rolodex is of great value to clients in the film and entertainment industry.


Press Releases & Media Pitches

Knowing when and how to catch the attention of reviewers, broadcasters and writers is key. Due to the time he spent in newsrooms himself, Parker knows what makes a story, and tailors press releases to get the best reaction from journalists. He can find multiple angles to get your film noticed and reach audiences.


Crisis Communications

Whatever immediate issue you may be facing, this firm can help you through it. On a case-by-case basis, Parker PR has the know-how to navigate tricky situations and make the best choices for clients, their productions and their careers. Having someone you trust by your side for the difficult patches is crucial, and we will be there every step of the way.


Strategy & Planning

Whether you're readying for an ad campaign, a big publicity tour or media blitz, we can write a strategic plan or communications template to guide you through it. Parker can talk you through big decisions, weigh pros and cons and help you execute every step of the way. From start to finish, Parker PR will be there for you.


Social Media

Nothing builds a buzz like industry and audience chatter. From getting a buzz going to boost ticket sales to getting film aficionados to start talking about your project, social media is key. Parker specializes in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram advertising and analytics, and has worked for corporate and university leaders to grow their audiences. Let him find you an audience and build the profile of your project.

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